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The us army AH-1G Cobra helicopter

The us army in April 6, 1966 and bell signing after two production test of AH-1, and the first group of 110 frame AH-1 G contract also in a few days later signed with. By the end of the same year, the us army and an additional 210 frame AH-1 G order. By 1968, AH-1 G the accumulation of the order has more than 800 aircraft; And in 1972 to 73 U.S. troops in this period of the Vietnam war, AH-1 a tight period the number of G has amounted to about 1100 planes. Because AH-1 G in equipment, parts and UH-1 height, not only in the battlefield common fault relative to the other new weapons is a lot less, logistics maintenance also convenient many.

AH-1 G machine with A first below 102 A rotating turret TAT-packed A door, GAU-2 B 7.62 mm machine guns, equipped with 8000 bullets. AH-1 G on each side of the fuselage of a short wings, each short wings have two hardpoints, can hang in more than 76.2 mm pipe rocket launcher, 7.62 mm machine guns nacelles, etc. In addition, AH-1 G machine first and then “cobra” have no rotary optical search system. Although the precise machine guns of excellent, but range and power are insufficient. And for “cobra” special design of M-197 20 mm guns are still in three pipe bender in the developing process, fail to AH-1 G service, so the United States army in 1969 for 350 sets of M-35 20 mm six swivel machine guns as M-197 machine turret before serving the transition of the scheme, but although M-35, but powerful kicks back and vibration also is quite amazing, make AH-1 G of the fuselage side must strengthen the outfit to board gold, and delay the progress. Launch M-35 machine guns, intense vibrations will let AH-1 G of meter interrupt for a few minutes to recover.


The Vietnam war not only provides a go “cobra” stage, also points out that its design is worth improvement in, such as the need to big caliber machine guns, more sophisticated search/aimed at instrument, and installed in the 70 s the army BGM-71 “tao” type anti-tank missiles, etc. Will search/shoot control system is concerned, U.S. troops have during the Vietnam war for AH-1 G the “huey”, “cobra” special sensor system (SMASH) and “cobra” night fire control system (CONFICS), has the “cobra” for the future in the search/fire control system upgrade of the outline of early form, but in the s technology is still restrictive. These are all the next “cobra” improvement plan of the important direction. In addition, early type “cobra” in Vietnam also exposed to hot and humid environment to adapt to bad, fault on the high side. Therefore in the process of production, AH-1 G constantly improved, including A cockpit glass to hazel to ease overheating of the cabin in the future is through the (air conditioning system completely solve), will change with the tail rotor from the left to the right to resolve the early AH-1 G wavering problem and so on, in addition the outfit can choose two weapon system of XM 82 rotation turret, make the new AH-1 G can be attached with two quite GAU-2 B/A machine guns (each A 4000 rounds ammunition) or two more XM 129 40 mm grenade launcher (each with 300 fires, or both) send the installation with A mix of configuration.


AH-1 Cobra Helicopter

In vietnam, the us military helicopters to transport the medium with a machine-gun p-1 uh, a rocket launcher and other weapons, the development of the various armed helicopters and achieved great success. the bell for the design and a helicopter ah of p-1 “snakes” armed helicopters. the company numbered bell 209.

AH-1 Cobra Helicopter

In june, and bel helicopter corporation launched a new style of the iroquoian fighter “” d -225 the size of the model for the united states army reference. d -225 uh -1 to the technical and many components that basis, but it is the first specialized design in gunship, have many unprecedented style design : include a low resistance streamlined body, two columns, the cars over weapons systems is not temporary and put on the fire, But the overall design of a part, including mounted to the machine and spinning turrets, the sides of the weapon of mount short-winged, the efficiency is greatly increased. d -225 before controls on arms and after it to fly, before a lower level than in the back. d -225 the wing of the gear box and plate, and mechanical devices from the top of the fairing, the use of p-1 “uh, with the same style, and a sled land, These are all the helicopters are not universal.

1966 model -209 his opponent in the order of the united states army, uh – at the number of formal (few months after the ah – 1g), become the first into mass production of professional armed helicopters, and received from iraq. “snakes” the official name.