A129 helicopters have the perfect day and night all combat ability

A129 a perfect day and night all fighting ability, this derived from 2 computer control of the comprehensive multi-function fire control system. It control/monitoring the plane various performance and autopilot, warning/alarm system, communication, engine state guidance meter, telex flight control, navigation, electronic warfare, weapons ignition control system, as well as electronic, fuel and hydraulic system of the state. Equipped with honeywell on the production of former depending on the infrared detection system, make the pilot in the night flight can stick. Helmet show aiming system made drivers and weapons gunner may rapidly the launch of the attack. In order to perform the task, the night before the tank on infrared detection system can enhance the “tao” type missile intercept and guidance of the target ability. The detection system can also be used during the day. A129 in four plugin point can carry 1200 kg, usually carry 8 organically medal “tao”, anti-aircraft missiles, a 81 mm gun or two rocket launch cabin. Main anti-vehicle weapon is packed in short wings “tao” type, aimed at the installation in missile with nose, but still can install rotor spindle aimed to provide. In addition A129 also with sting missiles ability.

Active and passive self-defense system is A129 standard equipment. Passive electronic warfare systems including radar warning receiver, laser alarm receiver. Actively against method including the radar jamming machine or ir jammer or interference chaff threw machine.

In addition, all the more A129 comprehensive way transmission system can greatly enhance the ability of the pilots complex tasks. The system can control navigation, flight guide meter, the fire control system and autopilot, transmission and engine working condition monitor, fuel pipeline, hydraulic system and electrical system monitor and alarm system, allowing the system composed of a perfect whole. The system consists of two sets of computer control, single center Harris computer can also control alone the whole system. Full system compatible with mil-std-1553 type B data bus, two sets of crosslinking computer is responsible for the comprehensive management of electronic devices and helicopter flight control system. Output devices for the multi function display, depending on the pilot and co-pilot respectively offers display gunner /. On the monitor available standard multi-function keyboard input or inquires the information, including areas navigation, weapons state and selection, radio regulation and work way selection, attention and alarm and performance hints. The computer can store up to 100 destinations point, 100 preset of high frequency, and uhf radio management interval. Through this system, and doppler radar crosslinking navigation computer and a radar altimeter control navigation. Shipping point, target zone and in areas of artificial map can be in the driver or co-pilot multi function display on display.

The company was with the British west aram company to develop A129 Mk2 “TuoNa er” for lack of orders, but no production. The Italian government approved the first production to 66 a A129 after, reduced to 60 frame, one of the six (6) used to coach flight, the rest of the composition two combat fighter squadron. The Italian army also wants to get another 30 frame, with again the equipment the third squadron.

Until October 2002 Italian army to first receive MK2 A129. The west, o tower, Syria will produce a MK2, equipped with the 15 20 mm guns and “sting”, aviation electronic equipment renewal, the body and 5 leaves the helicopter to all have improved, the task increase the weight equipment. Active service A129 will also improve 45 frame to the above standards. The aim of the view for the equipment and the turret features.

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