Japan OH-1 “ninja helicopters

Japan OH-1 “Ninja” (kawasaki Ninja) is heavy industry in the 90 s beginning a kind of light developed armed reconnaissance helicopters, a replacement for Japan ground self active service, OH-6 D light armed reconnaissance helicopters. The machine is developed by Japan first military helicopters. Available in Japan are the United States, Germany helicopter design, manufacturing assembly permit in Japan.

OH-1 prototype OH-X in early August, 1996, the first flight success in 1997, 2000,. Production service Development funds reached 850 million us dollars. At present Japan by kawasaki, mitsubishi, Fuji, three companies manufacturing. OH-1 main used to detect enemy ground targets, getting information to AH-1, and Japanese armed helicopters and ground command authority, attack. In addition to use, OH-the reconnaissance 1 also qualified for certain attacking and combat mission.

Click see OH-1 video material: download hovering clips hovering II side download hovering snippets. Fly clips

OH-1 reconnaissance helicopters weight of 3.5 t. This machine use a lot of composite materials, the use of the Japan aerospace industry 4 piece of carbon fiber composite materials/propeller blades, no bearing/elastic hub of tolerance and han way tail rotor and rotor technologies. Columns in cockpit type with other armed helicopter rare smooth inspect displays. The tail rotor blades of 8 by asymmetric layout, and to reduce the noise, reduce vibration. According to the Japanese military amateur said the flight performances to the sound of obviously less than AH-1, the armed helicopter. This machine holds two sets of mitsubishi Japan developed XTS1-10 vortex shaft engine, power of 660 kw, its own weight small.

The composite materials developed kawasaki heavy industry without bearing the helicopter to the course system has more than 15 years, and this is the world of the novel is the helicopter design a kind of technology. For the first time by the technology of kawasaki formal application in combat aircraft is OH-1, the helicopter. The success of the advanced kawasaki study of composite material forming techniques, and the composite material without rotor practical bearing.

This machine protection is strong, advanced performance, short wings can hang many MEDALS air-to-air missile defense or 2 tons of weapons. In the recent exhibit OH-1, have with the M197 20 mm diameter tube type 3 Justin gatlin guns (AH-1 the same with machine guns), and the “tao” type heavy anti-tank missiles, and 70 mm rocket launcher. Blades can fight 12.7 mm bullets hit.

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