S-61 is the American west coase base on the plane

S-61 is the American west coase base on the plane with tail rotor helicopter rotor double main, the United States military Numbers for SH-3 “king”, HH-3 A and VH-3, the company Numbers for S-61.

On September 23, 1957, west coase base plane company for the U.S. navy preliminary contract, began to develop a used for “collaborative anti-submarine warfare” amphibian anti-submarine helicopters. March 11, 1959 prototype first test flight, starting in September of 1961 put to use. March 11, 1979, the prototype first test flight 20 anniversary of 900 aircraft, military type S-61 already accumulated more than 3 million hours of flight, 130 aircraft MinYongXing S-61 also has accumulated flight 815000 hours. The number of “king” helicopter used as folk maritime rescue and search by machine.

To 1980 years, west coase base in the company made more than 750 frame of various types of S-61 military and civilian helicopter with, other countries according to permit made more than 350 frame. The United States has in June 1980 to stop the 61 series each helicopter S-the production, Italy, gusteau company, Britain west aram helicopter company and Japan mitsubishi heavy industry company of the production of the S-61 patent type in 80 S helicopter has shut down. Japan producing a total of about 185 frame S 61 each helicopter. In 1987, the United States all the services and arms were has more than 300 military aircraft type S-61, other countries use of more than 600 frame. Estimates, these planes will use to 21 st century first 20 years. The U.S. navy SH-3 helicopter plan will also carry out to prolong life around the year 2010. At present, the U.S. military has basically use “haiying” helicopter alternative most of the “big”.

Japan’s mitsubishi heavy industry company produces the SH-3 / S-61 unit price of us $11 million (1984). Factory

Early in the S61 tied for the top 2 sets equipment 1050 horsepower T58 type turboshaft engines, driven by 5 leaves and 5 leaves rotor tail rotor consists of a full metal rotor system, the helicopter for the first time in history. The rotor blades by a root of aluminum alloy extrusion D shape girders, and after a period of aluminum alloy and blade tip of fairing. The rotor blade YeYi type for NACA0012 symmetric airfoils, strings, 0.46 meters long, reverse Angle for-8 °. The rotor blades have crack inspection device. Blades are interchangeable, can automatically folding. The rotor blade hub is the metal structure, with the rotor articulated brakes.

The tail rotor blades skinned and solid front by aluminum alloy metal girders and cellular sandwich structures. The tail rotor blades can be separately swaps. Two engines free trip through the clutch and the rotor brakes transmission main reducer and drive, using steel rotor shaft. The Lord reducer to tail rotor shaft through the middle of the reducer and a tail reducer drive tail rotor. By the tail rotor shaft attachment to drive. Annex machine with left between engine, high-capacity magazine and tail rotor shaft machine accessories are equipped with other free between travel clutch. The rotor and the speed of the engine than for 3.43, tail rotor and then the speed of the engine than 1:16. 7. For all the metal half scale type boat form a belly structure. The paragraph can be folded, and thereby reducing the parking space. The tail device level surface in the fixed end stability beam on the right.

Amphibious landing device can meet needs. SanDianShi after landing gear, the two main landing gear is double, hydraulic keep back the Lord landing gear income wingtip within buoys. The tail wheel is fixed, can set center, and since in neutral position lock. By oil-air shock absorbers. Host wheel installed tubeless tires, size of 6.50 x 10 Ⅲ, tire pressure 4.83 x 105 palmer (4.93 kg/cm2). The tail wheel size 6.00 x 6. Hydraulic disc brakes, the type a belly and a wingtip buoys can make the helicopter in water emergency landing. Power device for two 1044 kw (1419 SHP) general electric company T58-GE-10 turboshaft engines. A belly have three ignore type fuel tank, former tank has a capacity of 1314 liters, the central tank has a capacity of 500 liters, tank after 1336 litres, total fuel capacity 3180 liters.

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