The cockpit of the driver, there are two sonar member in the main cabin

The cockpit of the driver, there are two sonar member in the main cabin, two sets of control system. In the cockpit crew in and out of doors behind the fuselage of the left. Big cargo compartment door in the cockpit of the fuselage behind the side.

There were three sets of hydraulic system. Lord, deputy hydraulic system used for flight control, pressure 103.5 x 105 palmer (105.5 kg/cm2). General hydraulic system (the third set) used to gear up and put the winch and blades, folding, pressure of 207 x 105 palmer (211 kg/cm2). Emergency landing gear down with air conditioning system of pressure for 207 x 105 (211 kg/cm2). Electrical system includes: a 300 Ann dc generators, two sets of 20 115 v ac generators and produce a 24 v 22 Ann hours nickel cadmium battery. Still can choose auxiliary power unit.

Onboard equipment includes the yukos’s AQS-13 sonar detection range is 180 °,; Hamilton standard of company automatic stabilization equipment; Automatic transition to the hovering equipment; With John terry DaYin sonar coupler company APN-130 doppler radar and radar altimeter can be automatically maintain a high degree of menus. With carrying capacity for 272 kilograms of rescue winch and carrying capacity for 3630 kg can be automatically put on wind gust of reaction, low hanging goods cable sets.

Can carry 381 kg weapons, including four other torpedo (American MK46 or Italy’s “white head”, etc.), or equipment in four other Mark and deep water bomb, or equipment 2 pieces empty ship missile (British “haiying,” or the “flying fish French,” or “sea big gulls”). This illustration shows the “king” of carry torpedo.

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