S-61 series helicopters have the following each:

SH-3 A “big” the navy’s initial antisubmarine helicopter, type is the earliest series 61 S manufacturing plane, the company Numbers S-61 B, the navy original Numbers HSS-2, later changed to SH-3 A. The machine with two 932 kw (1267) T58-SHP GE-8 B turboshaft engines, west coase base plane company producing a total of about 255 planes. SH-3 A is also of A naval standard equipment, also called HSS-2 “Neptune” helicopter. Later HSS-2 to use AN/APN-217 doppler navigation radar, this radar is for the United States navy SH-60 B LAMPS Ⅲ antisubmarine helicopter MK twin-engine development.

SH-3 D “king” of antisubmarine helicopter U.S. navy standards. The first frame SH-3 D in June 1966 delivery. West coase base plane total 98 frame, which make delivery Spanish navy 22 frame, Brazil four planes. British west aram helicopter company also production this helicopter, but Saul, with Samuel Royce of the company’s “Nome” engine and British antisubmarine equipment. In addition, Italy, gusteau company also according to permit made SH-3 D. This illustration shows the of the British navy carrier “Neptune” airborne warning aircraft, using a Thorn EMI company’s “search water” (Searchwater) radar. In June 2002, the French thales company to deliver the British royal navy after two upgraded “king” AEW7 type warning helicopters. “King” AEW7 type warning the main upgrade helicopter task system, especially in installation “search water-2000” radar, the helicopter after the perception attitude has improved a lot. The radar is simultaneously connection Link 16 ability, this increased nearly 40% than before. Thales company says, before 2004, they will be delivered to the British royal navy 13 frame upgraded “king” AEW7 type warning helicopters. But a specific contract price and not been announced.

At present, the British “invincible” class aircraft carriers can carry a “9” FRS i. type harrier fighter, 3 frame “king” Mk2A air warning helicopters, 9 frame “Neptune” type of antisubmarine helicopter Mk6.

After improvement, the military action in Iraq, ASaCMk 7 play more helicopters actual combat role. “Search water-2000” radar powerful function, and can detect small and flight goal. To achieve C2 command and control ability, the helicopter has to detect and track of. Thai rice company developed a software patch, and to promote the radar in the use of complex terrestrial environment ability. This machine also cooperate with execution of the air to the task, and support action with coalition forces AH-64 “apachean” and “charlotte” AH Mk 7 attack helicopter networking. This machine use so busy, but two helicopters happens instead the air crash, killing all seven people dead.

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