SH-3 G the U.S. navy general type

SH-3 G the U.S. navy general type, change from the SH-3 A modification, mainly is dismantled anti-submarine equipment, A total 105 A modified. In order to combat conditions in executive search and rescue mission, with six frame SH-3 G helicopter installed “Minnie hill,” Justin gatlin guns pod.
SH-3 H SH-3 G multi-purpose type. In 1971, asked to sign A contract to 163 A SH-3 A and SH-3 D turned into A SH-3 H, in order to make the helicopter fleet increased resistance and low level of submarine missile capability. The new type of antisubmarine warfare with equipment includes: new light sonar, active and passive sonar buoys, magnetic detector, a different attitude heading reference system. Electronic equipment to SH-against 3 H executive missile defense task played an important role. SH-3 H holds two sets T58-GE-10 turboshaft engines.

HH-3 A SH-3 A improved, used to execute A search and rescue mission. The United States navy adapted the this aircraft (12), modification work includes T58 outfit-GE-8 F engine, fast come on and put oil system, rapid relief winch, improvement of electronic equipment, external fuel tanks, armored and auxiliary in short wings behind install two electric “Minnie hill,” Justin gatlin guns frame.

Royal Australian navy “king”

CH 124 Canadian military type, similar to SH-3 A, A total of 41 production frame. In May 1963 the first delivery of the plane from the 5 frame, from the start of the united Canada assembly. This machine of Canadian first Numbers for CHSS-2.

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