India will establish special agencies of the sea. The helicopter maintenance navy

In July 2004, India will establish special agencies of the sea. The helicopter maintenance navy India state-owned Indian airlines in March, repair facilities, the construction cost more than 15 million dollars, are expected to be put into use at the end of the year. No details about technology transfer, but reports say it provides included the most important parts of the king helicopter spare parts availability. Navy officials said the current work of seven frame sea including helicopter maintenance, and navy plans by anti-submarine warfare helicopter alternative one of the 14 frame. But now are building facilities maintenance the whole sea fleet enough. The current work is mainly from British BAE systems and other western companies procurement necessary equipment. Most 43 frame anti-submarine warfare haiwang helicopter is 20 years ago from British companies to buy, and purchase has been completely installed. 32 frame haiwang helicopter fleet in the United States because of the influence of must be approved, some components and can’t get, so service has a low sex, relevant work must go. Haiwang helicopter fleet of combat efficiency abate, make the navy offshore monitoring ability have been seriously affected.

At the same time, India is set to British west from Syria for its navy to purchase the 16 aircraft “Neptune” helicopter, this will make the Indian navy helicopters to 30 frame number intermediate or above. India’s navy vice chief of Gopalachari says, India’s navy need 16 helicopters complete forces, they have asked for west aram company for the flight 1000 for has to 2000 hours of “king” helicopter. He said: “we buy it is yes, as long as they get the approval of the government.” Since 1998 in India Pokhran nuclear test range of sanctions by the United States, west aram company suspended the to provide spare parts and tools of India, it leads to the Indian navy, part of its has grounded the 10 to 12 t “Neptune” helicopter. Gopalachari, said it doesn’t affect the Indian navy military action, but in the long term will have an impact. He also said that these parts and spare part of the work will soon open country. India in the 1970 s for the navy to introduce “Neptune” helicopter. Hindustan according to aviation industry (HAL) design and the research and development department spokeswoman says, the company has now can produce “Neptune” helicopter 700 kinds of the spare part about 600 species, and can produce 490 kinds of tools of the 460. In addition, Hindustan aviation industry in two months ago and wes tulane company to reach a transfer the plane design upgrade technology agreement.

In August, 2004, the British royal air force has begun A 18-month project, the project content is king “for 25 frame” HAR. A search and rescue helicopters 3/3 installation “Neptune” many sensor system. This system is, in essence, a former depending on the infrared system of the Star sensors to tower, Q the system procurement and comprehensive cost about $18 million. According to one of the air force commander said, the system will be faster than the previous has positioning and rescue ability.

In November 2005, the United States navy announced that it has on November 2 associates receive from the navy and the “big” a renovated the last frame helicopter. In November 1999, Canada together to win the American navy IMP company of a contract for the navy, 60 frame H-3 “Neptune” fleet and other “foreign sales (FMS)” agreement of H-3 users the overhaul, maintenance, engineering and flight support services. The navy is slowly eliminate its H-3, but plans to retire after the 2010 fiscal year, all ready to with H-60 “haiying” helicopter to replace it. According to the navy said, after makeover, “king” 2000 flight hours will prolong life, or almost 6 years.

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