VH-3 A VIP special type, it has produced 10 pieces. The cabin can carry 12 passengers.

VH-3 D VIP special, the famous model of the President of the United States machine “number one” marines. Used to replace VH-3 A, A total of 11 frame production. On January 19, 1976, the same year begin to carry out the special plane task on January 31,, a a VH-3 D at first, as the American President ford’s plane. Since the Eisenhower, President of the United States “a number” has been a marines from west coase base company manufacturing. Lockheed Martin in helicopter company manufacture and good reputation. President bush at present on the “no. 1” marines are still west coase base company production of VH-3 D “Neptune” helicopter, but EH101 has been chosen as the type of “marines number one”. The President of the United States “marines number one” takeoff and landing 150 times or so per year on average.

S-61 A/B/C amphibious transportation type, it is the other countries according to permit the aircraft manufacturer manufacture of Numbers, including military type and MinYongXing. The type and the navy’s basically-3 A similar SH. In the cabin can carry 26 soldiers or 15 vice stretcher, also can despatch the goods. Saul, available ears Royce of the company’s “Nome” h. 1200 engine instead of general telegraph company T-to 58. The Danish royal air force nine frame S-61 A, in A FuYouXiang executable remote when air/sea rescue mission.

AS 61 N1 Italy, gusteau company according to permit the production offshore MinYongXing and search rescue type. And initial type, AS compared with 61 of the N1 voyage payload/increased performance. AS 61 N1 prototype in July 1984 in 1985 for the first time, flight of quality, to the end of 1985 type four planes has been created.

S-61 A-4 Nuri Malaysia air force type, production 28 frame. Standard equipment is: 31 seats, life-saving winch and auxiliary fuel tank. The type used to transport soldiers, goods and rescue.

S-61 D-4 Argentina navy type, production of four planes. This machine is similar to SH-3 A.

S-61 L the amphibious transportation type civil. And S-61 A/B, longer than the fuselage.

S-61 N S 61 L amphibian type.

S-61 R S-61 B’s development-oriented. For the U.S. air force transport task and developed, air force Numbers CH-3 C and CH-3 E.

YSH-3 J only two planes, production in the naval aviation test center to the light air multi-purpose system “(LAMPS) plan weapons. Later, the competition failure be eliminated.

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