Britain’s defense ministry awarded Thai rice British aerospace company a contract

In May 2005, the British defense ministry awarded Thai rice British company aviation and aerospace, a contract for the British royal navy (an RN) to provide two frame “Neptune” airborne surveillance and control Mk seven helicopters. They will make up in March 2003 in the Iraq war began the loss of two frame of the helicopter. The contract value of $56 million, including the existing “Neptune” after two of 6 upgrade to ASaC Mk Mk 7 standards. After upgrading helicopters will be comprehensive new task system, including “water” (2000 Searchwater found 2000) air warning the spectrum of radar, LINK16 tactical data chain and new tactical display. As improvement projects of Thai rice Lord contractors will be responsible for the system to provide the task. The improvement and radar, tasks, and mission control system installation will by west tulane helicopter Co., LTD. Is responsible for. Delivery of the work is expected to complete in 2007. The two helicopters deployed in the British navy, “king” ASaC Mk 7 will recover to 13 the number of frame. The British navy air unit the use of “849” ASaC Mk 7 helicopter sea to sea expeditionary force provide airborne command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and other support and intercepted target. The installation of the “search” 2000 radar can water on the ground vehicle detection and tracking moving.

In November 2006, the company has successfully completed QinetiQ “sea” helicopter XZ575 composite material of the helicopter blades first flew. The blades Carson by helicopter company manufacturing. This time the first flight QinetiQ is located in the Boscombe Down and the British ministry of defense aircraft test and evaluation center work together and get the results, the British defense ministry “sea” and future rotary-wing ability integration work team and the west, o listrac Abram company support. The composite material blades be longer than usual, Carson by helicopter company in west coase base company S61 developed on base of the helicopter. They advanced, ovate, increase the Angle and the wing and pointed, in an apparent improve performance. QinetiQ completed by another similar blades test shows that can make the hovering capability 2000 pounds (908 kilograms). QinetiQ/Carson blades plan aims to test aircraft performance and manipulation, the vibration property of the assessment, and so far has for 22 hours of flight. The test plan to finish later this month. The plan of the initial results show that, by making the blades Carson has significantly improve “sea” helicopter manipulate the huge potential of flexibility. QinetiQ company the theoretical model to support the conclusion. QinetiQ group defence and technical director Andrew Sleigh says: “in view of the new blades have not yet pass by an independent in any organization of the outside of the manufacturer, they identify suitable only for the newly-designed QinetiQ company, this is our test on the plane of the most important a retrofit.”

2006 years, the Indian navy December from the U.S. navy will buy a batch of second-hand H-3 “Neptune” helicopter, mark America and India continue to develop, the cooperation contract November 15, the contract signed $39 million. This batch of helicopters will take India recently purchase of the U.S. navy “Austin” (Austin) class “, lyndon “number (USS Trenton) amphibious dock transports sail back to India. Since then the helicopter will deploy in this class warships. According to the project manager says, “king” helicopter is multitasking helicopter, in the United States navy, will continue to DuoNian 40 for the Indian navy. This 6 frame “Neptune” helicopter currently stored in Arizona aviation maintenance and regeneration center the United States (AMARC). A year ago, the plane has in the United States navy mission. The Indian government representatives visited the United States last year begin negotiating to buy “Neptune” helicopter matters. This summer, the United States navy, and India delegates to the Indian government set concrete matters. In the Indian navy, delivery before two contractor will to “Neptune” helicopter for renovation.

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