Hindustan Aeronautics Limited,HAL

In October 2007, according to the department of defense from India source said, India state-owned airlines Co., LTD (Hindustan Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, HAL) will be responsible for the Indian navy, the equipment of 18 frame “Sea” (Sea King Mk42/42) type B antisubmarine helicopter, which improved the upgrade new combat system will be introduced from abroad. The Indian government has set up a file in early October through this for three years, cost about $200 million plan. India in the late 1980 s to buy the frame this kind of the 43, o tower, west AgustaWestland) Syria on the helicopter, but because the 1999 Indian nuclear test the United States on the implementation of the helicopter to the sanctions for lack of spare parts and most of the services. In September 2001, after the Indian navy cancel sanctions have had with the west, o listrac Abram signed a contract to make the company of 7 frame Mk 42 type B helicopters returned to service condition. In 2004, the ancient matchup, o west aram company signed a contract to help repair again this batch of helicopters. HAL But India’s navy until recently decided to upgrade the rest of the “sea” helicopter instead of buying new hope to replace them, through improving the upgrade the service to 2022 years. At present the Indian navy, is planning to make a bid for foreign request “sea” helicopter modification provide new equipment system, mainly including: the inverse synthetic aperture radar, electronic anti-interference equipment, a new generation of sonar buoys, the acoustic explore potential sensor, data chain, identification devices, depending on the infrared system before, satellite communication system, tactical tasks and VHF-UHF radio system, etc. According to coming from the Indian defense ministry source said, Elta company EL/M-2022 H and BAE systems Seaspray E type of 7000 active phase array radar will participate in the selection of the radar competition. At present Mk42B “Sea” antisubmarine helicopter equipped with ground/Sea search radar and sling the sonar, and can carry two gold “(Sea)” Eagle haiying anti-ship missile, or carrying a bomb and deep AS 244 anti-submarine torpedo. This type of the helicopter combat radius of up to 400 kilometers by data chain of war, will be sent to a carrier of target information of operational information center. India’s navy officials said the improved after the upgrade these performance can be increased 50% or so. “Sea” helicopter adapted the related contract is expected to formally signed at the end of the month, all improvement work will upgrade 2010 years ago in complete.

In November 2007, the British royal air force (RAF) to a BBC television reports of a made angry response. The report claimed: aging problem is threatening RAF “sea” HAR3/3 A search and rescue helicopter fleet of warfare, and could make use of the crew and passengers life was threatened. The BBC the report is the specific content of the troops in the Yorkshire: Leconfield “sea of search and rescue helicopters” year on year has nine months in all can not use the phenomenon, always grounded to 300 hours time. This helicopter initial design life for 10000 flight hours, and now it is the use time of more than a number that has. The report quoted a retired search and rescue pilots, for the word of whether can continue to use are skeptical. However from RAF rescue forces news said: so far, the RAF 19 frame “sea” HAR3A availability is the tallest of all aircraft, to 98.8%; 6 frame of the old “sea” HAR3 also reached 95.8%. That way, the whole “sea” HAR3/3 A fleet availability to 98.1%. The search and rescue helicopter was RAF deployed in the national scope the six locations, each location, the first deployment two and a rack can be in 15 minutes to go out to the second frame, can be in 60 minutes go out. “Sea” helicopter availability is very good, and no one had ever seen helicopter can response a search and rescue mission. Indeed, some of the old “sea” HAR3 as early as 1978 HAR3A went into service, begin from 1996, the service) has already exceeded 10000 flight time hours. But RAF says modern upgrade improved and support program has extended the life of the machine can be used, and points out some “sea” (not RAF equipment) has accumulated more than 30000 flight hours. According to Britain’s ministry of defense plan, “sea” helicopters will be retired in 2017. RAF is preliminary already made search and rescue helicopters updated plan, plan to begin from 2013 to introduce new search and rescue helicopters. By then, the British defense ministry will coordinate RAF and the royal navy, coast JingWeiJu demand, develop a SAR-called the search and rescue helicopters replaced bidding H. Britain’s ministry of defense hope can be in next year will SAR-H bid range of options down to two enterprises. New search and rescue helicopters will be expected to the British in the army for 30 years time.

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