AH-64 Aapachean M230 chain machine guns

M230 Chain machine guns at first by the original hughes helicopter company, Douglas helicopter company in early 1972 self-raised funds, independent research and development, aims to adopt the simple closed link drive 20 mm single pipe aviation machine guns, this one principle called “Chain Chain”. In the same year, the United States army developed a “advanced” attack helicopter (AAH) and its equipment, and the use of “double function blasting play” (HEDP) 30 mm diameter aviation machine guns called mark, hughes helicopter company M230 30 mm diameter to retrofit the bid. XM230A prototype in April 1973, the same year launched its first test may even shoot test on before the end of 1973, to 4000 rounds have sent. In January 1982, finished YAH-64 helicopters all of the weapons system launch test. In 1984, along with AH-64 A “apachean” advanced first official attack helicopter into the United States the army, and official Numbers for M230A1. The machine gun using external power, through a simple and reliable chain, take heart motivation, complete firing circulation. Machine before and after the roof of my mouth, realize heart movement back in the process, machine heart at rest, front end and back end complete closure, launch, and cast into the shell and process. Shooting at 808 m/s, rate of fire trends, 625 ~ 1000 hair/points can be adjusted. In March 2004, ATK company won two contract worth $10.5 million, will be producing the latest model of LW30 light high-explosive shell double function. This play is can penetrate armor, and can kill soft target and to blasting M230 use only one kind of ammunition can open areas of the armored vehicles within the city or weak target was.

Unfortunately, AH-64 in kosovo war can’t come in handy, but trapped in the bad weather conditions and U.S. casualties of the concerns, so the parody. Below is AH-64 D HouShiTu, pay attention to the rear of the engine infrared suppression device.

Three different hktria AGM “hell fire-114” on a nuclear missile: the use of a series of perfora sunder armor in the front of the warheads, the warheads have certain Angle, can adapt to hit the target or ships armor Angle; A gold among the traditional single fusion sunder armor, a nuclear warhead under the most use high-explosive warheads. This illustration shows the four league outfit again rack schemes. In April, 2003, with the temperature, pressure warhead “haier method” completed test, ready to put into the Iraq war. Temperature, pressure weapons is rich fuel bomb, and rich fuel bomb release energy than standard bomb more lasting through high temperature and high pressure, to kill the goal of deep underground.


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