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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited,HAL

In October 2007, according to the department of defense from India source said, India state-owned airlines Co., LTD (Hindustan Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, HAL) will be responsible for the Indian navy, the equipment of 18 frame “Sea” (Sea King Mk42/42) type B antisubmarine helicopter, which improved the upgrade new combat system will be introduced from abroad. The Indian government has set up a file in early October through this for three years, cost about $200 million plan. India in the late 1980 s to buy the frame this kind of the 43, o tower, west AgustaWestland) Syria on the helicopter, but because the 1999 Indian nuclear test the United States on the implementation of the helicopter to the sanctions for lack of spare parts and most of the services. In September 2001, after the Indian navy cancel sanctions have had with the west, o listrac Abram signed a contract to make the company of 7 frame Mk 42 type B helicopters returned to service condition. In 2004, the ancient matchup, o west aram company signed a contract to help repair again this batch of helicopters. HAL But India’s navy until recently decided to upgrade the rest of the “sea” helicopter instead of buying new hope to replace them, through improving the upgrade the service to 2022 years. At present the Indian navy, is planning to make a bid for foreign request “sea” helicopter modification provide new equipment system, mainly including: the inverse synthetic aperture radar, electronic anti-interference equipment, a new generation of sonar buoys, the acoustic explore potential sensor, data chain, identification devices, depending on the infrared system before, satellite communication system, tactical tasks and VHF-UHF radio system, etc. According to coming from the Indian defense ministry source said, Elta company EL/M-2022 H and BAE systems Seaspray E type of 7000 active phase array radar will participate in the selection of the radar competition. At present Mk42B “Sea” antisubmarine helicopter equipped with ground/Sea search radar and sling the sonar, and can carry two gold “(Sea)” Eagle haiying anti-ship missile, or carrying a bomb and deep AS 244 anti-submarine torpedo. This type of the helicopter combat radius of up to 400 kilometers by data chain of war, will be sent to a carrier of target information of operational information center. India’s navy officials said the improved after the upgrade these performance can be increased 50% or so. “Sea” helicopter adapted the related contract is expected to formally signed at the end of the month, all improvement work will upgrade 2010 years ago in complete.

In November 2007, the British royal air force (RAF) to a BBC television reports of a made angry response. The report claimed: aging problem is threatening RAF “sea” HAR3/3 A search and rescue helicopter fleet of warfare, and could make use of the crew and passengers life was threatened. The BBC the report is the specific content of the troops in the Yorkshire: Leconfield “sea of search and rescue helicopters” year on year has nine months in all can not use the phenomenon, always grounded to 300 hours time. This helicopter initial design life for 10000 flight hours, and now it is the use time of more than a number that has. The report quoted a retired search and rescue pilots, for the word of whether can continue to use are skeptical. However from RAF rescue forces news said: so far, the RAF 19 frame “sea” HAR3A availability is the tallest of all aircraft, to 98.8%; 6 frame of the old “sea” HAR3 also reached 95.8%. That way, the whole “sea” HAR3/3 A fleet availability to 98.1%. The search and rescue helicopter was RAF deployed in the national scope the six locations, each location, the first deployment two and a rack can be in 15 minutes to go out to the second frame, can be in 60 minutes go out. “Sea” helicopter availability is very good, and no one had ever seen helicopter can response a search and rescue mission. Indeed, some of the old “sea” HAR3 as early as 1978 HAR3A went into service, begin from 1996, the service) has already exceeded 10000 flight time hours. But RAF says modern upgrade improved and support program has extended the life of the machine can be used, and points out some “sea” (not RAF equipment) has accumulated more than 30000 flight hours. According to Britain’s ministry of defense plan, “sea” helicopters will be retired in 2017. RAF is preliminary already made search and rescue helicopters updated plan, plan to begin from 2013 to introduce new search and rescue helicopters. By then, the British defense ministry will coordinate RAF and the royal navy, coast JingWeiJu demand, develop a SAR-called the search and rescue helicopters replaced bidding H. Britain’s ministry of defense hope can be in next year will SAR-H bid range of options down to two enterprises. New search and rescue helicopters will be expected to the British in the army for 30 years time.


Britain’s defense ministry awarded Thai rice British aerospace company a contract

In May 2005, the British defense ministry awarded Thai rice British company aviation and aerospace, a contract for the British royal navy (an RN) to provide two frame “Neptune” airborne surveillance and control Mk seven helicopters. They will make up in March 2003 in the Iraq war began the loss of two frame of the helicopter. The contract value of $56 million, including the existing “Neptune” after two of 6 upgrade to ASaC Mk Mk 7 standards. After upgrading helicopters will be comprehensive new task system, including “water” (2000 Searchwater found 2000) air warning the spectrum of radar, LINK16 tactical data chain and new tactical display. As improvement projects of Thai rice Lord contractors will be responsible for the system to provide the task. The improvement and radar, tasks, and mission control system installation will by west tulane helicopter Co., LTD. Is responsible for. Delivery of the work is expected to complete in 2007. The two helicopters deployed in the British navy, “king” ASaC Mk 7 will recover to 13 the number of frame. The British navy air unit the use of “849” ASaC Mk 7 helicopter sea to sea expeditionary force provide airborne command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and other support and intercepted target. The installation of the “search” 2000 radar can water on the ground vehicle detection and tracking moving.

In November 2006, the company has successfully completed QinetiQ “sea” helicopter XZ575 composite material of the helicopter blades first flew. The blades Carson by helicopter company manufacturing. This time the first flight QinetiQ is located in the Boscombe Down and the British ministry of defense aircraft test and evaluation center work together and get the results, the British defense ministry “sea” and future rotary-wing ability integration work team and the west, o listrac Abram company support. The composite material blades be longer than usual, Carson by helicopter company in west coase base company S61 developed on base of the helicopter. They advanced, ovate, increase the Angle and the wing and pointed, in an apparent improve performance. QinetiQ completed by another similar blades test shows that can make the hovering capability 2000 pounds (908 kilograms). QinetiQ/Carson blades plan aims to test aircraft performance and manipulation, the vibration property of the assessment, and so far has for 22 hours of flight. The test plan to finish later this month. The plan of the initial results show that, by making the blades Carson has significantly improve “sea” helicopter manipulate the huge potential of flexibility. QinetiQ company the theoretical model to support the conclusion. QinetiQ group defence and technical director Andrew Sleigh says: “in view of the new blades have not yet pass by an independent in any organization of the outside of the manufacturer, they identify suitable only for the newly-designed QinetiQ company, this is our test on the plane of the most important a retrofit.”

2006 years, the Indian navy December from the U.S. navy will buy a batch of second-hand H-3 “Neptune” helicopter, mark America and India continue to develop, the cooperation contract November 15, the contract signed $39 million. This batch of helicopters will take India recently purchase of the U.S. navy “Austin” (Austin) class “, lyndon “number (USS Trenton) amphibious dock transports sail back to India. Since then the helicopter will deploy in this class warships. According to the project manager says, “king” helicopter is multitasking helicopter, in the United States navy, will continue to DuoNian 40 for the Indian navy. This 6 frame “Neptune” helicopter currently stored in Arizona aviation maintenance and regeneration center the United States (AMARC). A year ago, the plane has in the United States navy mission. The Indian government representatives visited the United States last year begin negotiating to buy “Neptune” helicopter matters. This summer, the United States navy, and India delegates to the Indian government set concrete matters. In the Indian navy, delivery before two contractor will to “Neptune” helicopter for renovation.

India will establish special agencies of the sea. The helicopter maintenance navy

In July 2004, India will establish special agencies of the sea. The helicopter maintenance navy India state-owned Indian airlines in March, repair facilities, the construction cost more than 15 million dollars, are expected to be put into use at the end of the year. No details about technology transfer, but reports say it provides included the most important parts of the king helicopter spare parts availability. Navy officials said the current work of seven frame sea including helicopter maintenance, and navy plans by anti-submarine warfare helicopter alternative one of the 14 frame. But now are building facilities maintenance the whole sea fleet enough. The current work is mainly from British BAE systems and other western companies procurement necessary equipment. Most 43 frame anti-submarine warfare haiwang helicopter is 20 years ago from British companies to buy, and purchase has been completely installed. 32 frame haiwang helicopter fleet in the United States because of the influence of must be approved, some components and can’t get, so service has a low sex, relevant work must go. Haiwang helicopter fleet of combat efficiency abate, make the navy offshore monitoring ability have been seriously affected.

At the same time, India is set to British west from Syria for its navy to purchase the 16 aircraft “Neptune” helicopter, this will make the Indian navy helicopters to 30 frame number intermediate or above. India’s navy vice chief of Gopalachari says, India’s navy need 16 helicopters complete forces, they have asked for west aram company for the flight 1000 for has to 2000 hours of “king” helicopter. He said: “we buy it is yes, as long as they get the approval of the government.” Since 1998 in India Pokhran nuclear test range of sanctions by the United States, west aram company suspended the to provide spare parts and tools of India, it leads to the Indian navy, part of its has grounded the 10 to 12 t “Neptune” helicopter. Gopalachari, said it doesn’t affect the Indian navy military action, but in the long term will have an impact. He also said that these parts and spare part of the work will soon open country. India in the 1970 s for the navy to introduce “Neptune” helicopter. Hindustan according to aviation industry (HAL) design and the research and development department spokeswoman says, the company has now can produce “Neptune” helicopter 700 kinds of the spare part about 600 species, and can produce 490 kinds of tools of the 460. In addition, Hindustan aviation industry in two months ago and wes tulane company to reach a transfer the plane design upgrade technology agreement.

In August, 2004, the British royal air force has begun A 18-month project, the project content is king “for 25 frame” HAR. A search and rescue helicopters 3/3 installation “Neptune” many sensor system. This system is, in essence, a former depending on the infrared system of the Star sensors to tower, Q the system procurement and comprehensive cost about $18 million. According to one of the air force commander said, the system will be faster than the previous has positioning and rescue ability.

In November 2005, the United States navy announced that it has on November 2 associates receive from the navy and the “big” a renovated the last frame helicopter. In November 1999, Canada together to win the American navy IMP company of a contract for the navy, 60 frame H-3 “Neptune” fleet and other “foreign sales (FMS)” agreement of H-3 users the overhaul, maintenance, engineering and flight support services. The navy is slowly eliminate its H-3, but plans to retire after the 2010 fiscal year, all ready to with H-60 “haiying” helicopter to replace it. According to the navy said, after makeover, “king” 2000 flight hours will prolong life, or almost 6 years.

VH-3 A VIP special type, it has produced 10 pieces. The cabin can carry 12 passengers.

VH-3 D VIP special, the famous model of the President of the United States machine “number one” marines. Used to replace VH-3 A, A total of 11 frame production. On January 19, 1976, the same year begin to carry out the special plane task on January 31,, a a VH-3 D at first, as the American President ford’s plane. Since the Eisenhower, President of the United States “a number” has been a marines from west coase base company manufacturing. Lockheed Martin in helicopter company manufacture and good reputation. President bush at present on the “no. 1” marines are still west coase base company production of VH-3 D “Neptune” helicopter, but EH101 has been chosen as the type of “marines number one”. The President of the United States “marines number one” takeoff and landing 150 times or so per year on average.

S-61 A/B/C amphibious transportation type, it is the other countries according to permit the aircraft manufacturer manufacture of Numbers, including military type and MinYongXing. The type and the navy’s basically-3 A similar SH. In the cabin can carry 26 soldiers or 15 vice stretcher, also can despatch the goods. Saul, available ears Royce of the company’s “Nome” h. 1200 engine instead of general telegraph company T-to 58. The Danish royal air force nine frame S-61 A, in A FuYouXiang executable remote when air/sea rescue mission.

AS 61 N1 Italy, gusteau company according to permit the production offshore MinYongXing and search rescue type. And initial type, AS compared with 61 of the N1 voyage payload/increased performance. AS 61 N1 prototype in July 1984 in 1985 for the first time, flight of quality, to the end of 1985 type four planes has been created.

S-61 A-4 Nuri Malaysia air force type, production 28 frame. Standard equipment is: 31 seats, life-saving winch and auxiliary fuel tank. The type used to transport soldiers, goods and rescue.

S-61 D-4 Argentina navy type, production of four planes. This machine is similar to SH-3 A.

S-61 L the amphibious transportation type civil. And S-61 A/B, longer than the fuselage.

S-61 N S 61 L amphibian type.

S-61 R S-61 B’s development-oriented. For the U.S. air force transport task and developed, air force Numbers CH-3 C and CH-3 E.

YSH-3 J only two planes, production in the naval aviation test center to the light air multi-purpose system “(LAMPS) plan weapons. Later, the competition failure be eliminated.

SH-3 G the U.S. navy general type

SH-3 G the U.S. navy general type, change from the SH-3 A modification, mainly is dismantled anti-submarine equipment, A total 105 A modified. In order to combat conditions in executive search and rescue mission, with six frame SH-3 G helicopter installed “Minnie hill,” Justin gatlin guns pod.
SH-3 H SH-3 G multi-purpose type. In 1971, asked to sign A contract to 163 A SH-3 A and SH-3 D turned into A SH-3 H, in order to make the helicopter fleet increased resistance and low level of submarine missile capability. The new type of antisubmarine warfare with equipment includes: new light sonar, active and passive sonar buoys, magnetic detector, a different attitude heading reference system. Electronic equipment to SH-against 3 H executive missile defense task played an important role. SH-3 H holds two sets T58-GE-10 turboshaft engines.

HH-3 A SH-3 A improved, used to execute A search and rescue mission. The United States navy adapted the this aircraft (12), modification work includes T58 outfit-GE-8 F engine, fast come on and put oil system, rapid relief winch, improvement of electronic equipment, external fuel tanks, armored and auxiliary in short wings behind install two electric “Minnie hill,” Justin gatlin guns frame.

Royal Australian navy “king”

CH 124 Canadian military type, similar to SH-3 A, A total of 41 production frame. In May 1963 the first delivery of the plane from the 5 frame, from the start of the united Canada assembly. This machine of Canadian first Numbers for CHSS-2.

S-61 series helicopters have the following each:

SH-3 A “big” the navy’s initial antisubmarine helicopter, type is the earliest series 61 S manufacturing plane, the company Numbers S-61 B, the navy original Numbers HSS-2, later changed to SH-3 A. The machine with two 932 kw (1267) T58-SHP GE-8 B turboshaft engines, west coase base plane company producing a total of about 255 planes. SH-3 A is also of A naval standard equipment, also called HSS-2 “Neptune” helicopter. Later HSS-2 to use AN/APN-217 doppler navigation radar, this radar is for the United States navy SH-60 B LAMPS Ⅲ antisubmarine helicopter MK twin-engine development.

SH-3 D “king” of antisubmarine helicopter U.S. navy standards. The first frame SH-3 D in June 1966 delivery. West coase base plane total 98 frame, which make delivery Spanish navy 22 frame, Brazil four planes. British west aram helicopter company also production this helicopter, but Saul, with Samuel Royce of the company’s “Nome” engine and British antisubmarine equipment. In addition, Italy, gusteau company also according to permit made SH-3 D. This illustration shows the of the British navy carrier “Neptune” airborne warning aircraft, using a Thorn EMI company’s “search water” (Searchwater) radar. In June 2002, the French thales company to deliver the British royal navy after two upgraded “king” AEW7 type warning helicopters. “King” AEW7 type warning the main upgrade helicopter task system, especially in installation “search water-2000” radar, the helicopter after the perception attitude has improved a lot. The radar is simultaneously connection Link 16 ability, this increased nearly 40% than before. Thales company says, before 2004, they will be delivered to the British royal navy 13 frame upgraded “king” AEW7 type warning helicopters. But a specific contract price and not been announced.

At present, the British “invincible” class aircraft carriers can carry a “9” FRS i. type harrier fighter, 3 frame “king” Mk2A air warning helicopters, 9 frame “Neptune” type of antisubmarine helicopter Mk6.

After improvement, the military action in Iraq, ASaCMk 7 play more helicopters actual combat role. “Search water-2000” radar powerful function, and can detect small and flight goal. To achieve C2 command and control ability, the helicopter has to detect and track of. Thai rice company developed a software patch, and to promote the radar in the use of complex terrestrial environment ability. This machine also cooperate with execution of the air to the task, and support action with coalition forces AH-64 “apachean” and “charlotte” AH Mk 7 attack helicopter networking. This machine use so busy, but two helicopters happens instead the air crash, killing all seven people dead.

The cockpit of the driver, there are two sonar member in the main cabin

The cockpit of the driver, there are two sonar member in the main cabin, two sets of control system. In the cockpit crew in and out of doors behind the fuselage of the left. Big cargo compartment door in the cockpit of the fuselage behind the side.

There were three sets of hydraulic system. Lord, deputy hydraulic system used for flight control, pressure 103.5 x 105 palmer (105.5 kg/cm2). General hydraulic system (the third set) used to gear up and put the winch and blades, folding, pressure of 207 x 105 palmer (211 kg/cm2). Emergency landing gear down with air conditioning system of pressure for 207 x 105 (211 kg/cm2). Electrical system includes: a 300 Ann dc generators, two sets of 20 115 v ac generators and produce a 24 v 22 Ann hours nickel cadmium battery. Still can choose auxiliary power unit.

Onboard equipment includes the yukos’s AQS-13 sonar detection range is 180 °,; Hamilton standard of company automatic stabilization equipment; Automatic transition to the hovering equipment; With John terry DaYin sonar coupler company APN-130 doppler radar and radar altimeter can be automatically maintain a high degree of menus. With carrying capacity for 272 kilograms of rescue winch and carrying capacity for 3630 kg can be automatically put on wind gust of reaction, low hanging goods cable sets.

Can carry 381 kg weapons, including four other torpedo (American MK46 or Italy’s “white head”, etc.), or equipment in four other Mark and deep water bomb, or equipment 2 pieces empty ship missile (British “haiying,” or the “flying fish French,” or “sea big gulls”). This illustration shows the “king” of carry torpedo.

S-61 is the American west coase base on the plane

S-61 is the American west coase base on the plane with tail rotor helicopter rotor double main, the United States military Numbers for SH-3 “king”, HH-3 A and VH-3, the company Numbers for S-61.

On September 23, 1957, west coase base plane company for the U.S. navy preliminary contract, began to develop a used for “collaborative anti-submarine warfare” amphibian anti-submarine helicopters. March 11, 1959 prototype first test flight, starting in September of 1961 put to use. March 11, 1979, the prototype first test flight 20 anniversary of 900 aircraft, military type S-61 already accumulated more than 3 million hours of flight, 130 aircraft MinYongXing S-61 also has accumulated flight 815000 hours. The number of “king” helicopter used as folk maritime rescue and search by machine.

To 1980 years, west coase base in the company made more than 750 frame of various types of S-61 military and civilian helicopter with, other countries according to permit made more than 350 frame. The United States has in June 1980 to stop the 61 series each helicopter S-the production, Italy, gusteau company, Britain west aram helicopter company and Japan mitsubishi heavy industry company of the production of the S-61 patent type in 80 S helicopter has shut down. Japan producing a total of about 185 frame S 61 each helicopter. In 1987, the United States all the services and arms were has more than 300 military aircraft type S-61, other countries use of more than 600 frame. Estimates, these planes will use to 21 st century first 20 years. The U.S. navy SH-3 helicopter plan will also carry out to prolong life around the year 2010. At present, the U.S. military has basically use “haiying” helicopter alternative most of the “big”.

Japan’s mitsubishi heavy industry company produces the SH-3 / S-61 unit price of us $11 million (1984). Factory

Early in the S61 tied for the top 2 sets equipment 1050 horsepower T58 type turboshaft engines, driven by 5 leaves and 5 leaves rotor tail rotor consists of a full metal rotor system, the helicopter for the first time in history. The rotor blades by a root of aluminum alloy extrusion D shape girders, and after a period of aluminum alloy and blade tip of fairing. The rotor blade YeYi type for NACA0012 symmetric airfoils, strings, 0.46 meters long, reverse Angle for-8 °. The rotor blades have crack inspection device. Blades are interchangeable, can automatically folding. The rotor blade hub is the metal structure, with the rotor articulated brakes.

The tail rotor blades skinned and solid front by aluminum alloy metal girders and cellular sandwich structures. The tail rotor blades can be separately swaps. Two engines free trip through the clutch and the rotor brakes transmission main reducer and drive, using steel rotor shaft. The Lord reducer to tail rotor shaft through the middle of the reducer and a tail reducer drive tail rotor. By the tail rotor shaft attachment to drive. Annex machine with left between engine, high-capacity magazine and tail rotor shaft machine accessories are equipped with other free between travel clutch. The rotor and the speed of the engine than for 3.43, tail rotor and then the speed of the engine than 1:16. 7. For all the metal half scale type boat form a belly structure. The paragraph can be folded, and thereby reducing the parking space. The tail device level surface in the fixed end stability beam on the right.

Amphibious landing device can meet needs. SanDianShi after landing gear, the two main landing gear is double, hydraulic keep back the Lord landing gear income wingtip within buoys. The tail wheel is fixed, can set center, and since in neutral position lock. By oil-air shock absorbers. Host wheel installed tubeless tires, size of 6.50 x 10 Ⅲ, tire pressure 4.83 x 105 palmer (4.93 kg/cm2). The tail wheel size 6.00 x 6. Hydraulic disc brakes, the type a belly and a wingtip buoys can make the helicopter in water emergency landing. Power device for two 1044 kw (1419 SHP) general electric company T58-GE-10 turboshaft engines. A belly have three ignore type fuel tank, former tank has a capacity of 1314 liters, the central tank has a capacity of 500 liters, tank after 1336 litres, total fuel capacity 3180 liters.

Japan OH-1 “ninja helicopters

Japan OH-1 “Ninja” (kawasaki Ninja) is heavy industry in the 90 s beginning a kind of light developed armed reconnaissance helicopters, a replacement for Japan ground self active service, OH-6 D light armed reconnaissance helicopters. The machine is developed by Japan first military helicopters. Available in Japan are the United States, Germany helicopter design, manufacturing assembly permit in Japan.

OH-1 prototype OH-X in early August, 1996, the first flight success in 1997, 2000,. Production service Development funds reached 850 million us dollars. At present Japan by kawasaki, mitsubishi, Fuji, three companies manufacturing. OH-1 main used to detect enemy ground targets, getting information to AH-1, and Japanese armed helicopters and ground command authority, attack. In addition to use, OH-the reconnaissance 1 also qualified for certain attacking and combat mission.

Click see OH-1 video material: download hovering clips hovering II side download hovering snippets. Fly clips

OH-1 reconnaissance helicopters weight of 3.5 t. This machine use a lot of composite materials, the use of the Japan aerospace industry 4 piece of carbon fiber composite materials/propeller blades, no bearing/elastic hub of tolerance and han way tail rotor and rotor technologies. Columns in cockpit type with other armed helicopter rare smooth inspect displays. The tail rotor blades of 8 by asymmetric layout, and to reduce the noise, reduce vibration. According to the Japanese military amateur said the flight performances to the sound of obviously less than AH-1, the armed helicopter. This machine holds two sets of mitsubishi Japan developed XTS1-10 vortex shaft engine, power of 660 kw, its own weight small.

The composite materials developed kawasaki heavy industry without bearing the helicopter to the course system has more than 15 years, and this is the world of the novel is the helicopter design a kind of technology. For the first time by the technology of kawasaki formal application in combat aircraft is OH-1, the helicopter. The success of the advanced kawasaki study of composite material forming techniques, and the composite material without rotor practical bearing.

This machine protection is strong, advanced performance, short wings can hang many MEDALS air-to-air missile defense or 2 tons of weapons. In the recent exhibit OH-1, have with the M197 20 mm diameter tube type 3 Justin gatlin guns (AH-1 the same with machine guns), and the “tao” type heavy anti-tank missiles, and 70 mm rocket launcher. Blades can fight 12.7 mm bullets hit.

A129 helicopters have the perfect day and night all combat ability

A129 a perfect day and night all fighting ability, this derived from 2 computer control of the comprehensive multi-function fire control system. It control/monitoring the plane various performance and autopilot, warning/alarm system, communication, engine state guidance meter, telex flight control, navigation, electronic warfare, weapons ignition control system, as well as electronic, fuel and hydraulic system of the state. Equipped with honeywell on the production of former depending on the infrared detection system, make the pilot in the night flight can stick. Helmet show aiming system made drivers and weapons gunner may rapidly the launch of the attack. In order to perform the task, the night before the tank on infrared detection system can enhance the “tao” type missile intercept and guidance of the target ability. The detection system can also be used during the day. A129 in four plugin point can carry 1200 kg, usually carry 8 organically medal “tao”, anti-aircraft missiles, a 81 mm gun or two rocket launch cabin. Main anti-vehicle weapon is packed in short wings “tao” type, aimed at the installation in missile with nose, but still can install rotor spindle aimed to provide. In addition A129 also with sting missiles ability.

Active and passive self-defense system is A129 standard equipment. Passive electronic warfare systems including radar warning receiver, laser alarm receiver. Actively against method including the radar jamming machine or ir jammer or interference chaff threw machine.

In addition, all the more A129 comprehensive way transmission system can greatly enhance the ability of the pilots complex tasks. The system can control navigation, flight guide meter, the fire control system and autopilot, transmission and engine working condition monitor, fuel pipeline, hydraulic system and electrical system monitor and alarm system, allowing the system composed of a perfect whole. The system consists of two sets of computer control, single center Harris computer can also control alone the whole system. Full system compatible with mil-std-1553 type B data bus, two sets of crosslinking computer is responsible for the comprehensive management of electronic devices and helicopter flight control system. Output devices for the multi function display, depending on the pilot and co-pilot respectively offers display gunner /. On the monitor available standard multi-function keyboard input or inquires the information, including areas navigation, weapons state and selection, radio regulation and work way selection, attention and alarm and performance hints. The computer can store up to 100 destinations point, 100 preset of high frequency, and uhf radio management interval. Through this system, and doppler radar crosslinking navigation computer and a radar altimeter control navigation. Shipping point, target zone and in areas of artificial map can be in the driver or co-pilot multi function display on display.

The company was with the British west aram company to develop A129 Mk2 “TuoNa er” for lack of orders, but no production. The Italian government approved the first production to 66 a A129 after, reduced to 60 frame, one of the six (6) used to coach flight, the rest of the composition two combat fighter squadron. The Italian army also wants to get another 30 frame, with again the equipment the third squadron.

Until October 2002 Italian army to first receive MK2 A129. The west, o tower, Syria will produce a MK2, equipped with the 15 20 mm guns and “sting”, aviation electronic equipment renewal, the body and 5 leaves the helicopter to all have improved, the task increase the weight equipment. Active service A129 will also improve 45 frame to the above standards. The aim of the view for the equipment and the turret features.