Give RAH-66 helicopters come on and give its turret and weapon bays reloading

Give RAH-66 helicopter rotating turret installation have 20 mm diameter double pipe bender cannon, deal with the rate of fire when the target for 1500 a minute against ground targets for hair when every minute 750 rounds. Rotating turret azimuth for 240 degrees, the pitch for 60 degrees. Ammunition boxes reloading 500 rounds. RAH-66 to cheer to its turret and weapon bays and reloading, three in less than 13 minutes of time can be completed. RAH-66 equipped with advanced avionics, day and night with bad weather conditions in the ability of the combat reconnaissance. In a fight, can be found in the first goal, before firing in a pre-emptive strike targets shoot first. Advanced navigation and aiming at the system can provide high-definition battle in the night, so that the infrared image the helicopter has excellent combat. And “apachean” helicopter, RAH-66 “than Ronald koeman’s helicopter find the target of” the distance can be increased by 40%, 95% will shorten the reaction time.

When carries out does not require stealth task, may in the fuselage with a pair of short on both sides of the wing, can hang 2 x 4 pieces “haier method” missiles or 2 x 8 pieces “sting” missiles. This short wing also can hang 2 1700 liters FuYouXiang as also the use of flight. The tank as don’t hang play can be changed to 425 liters of fuel tank. The oil is normal inside machine 1142 litres. By contrast, can see the two FuYouXiang plug-in is very big, it will make the helicopter’s flight also of 2000 kilometers or more.

In order to solve the modern military aircraft maintenance problem of increasingly complex and improve the utilization rate, better adapt to the modern war, U.S. time requirements for the new development of military aircraft maintenance standards are strictly restricted. “Ronald koeman’s” the maintainability helicopter is very strict, Boeing also had a lot of work. The index is: overshoot need time to three 15 minutes (come on and install ammunition); Average 1 hour flight of maintenance 2.5 hours (AH-64 is 6 working hours). Also need five flight maintenance personnel, required to get installed 3.5 minutes short, hang in big FuYouXiang and filled with oil for three minutes, hang 2 pieces “sting” missile and hold 1500 shells 4.5 minutes total need time, 15.5 minutes. On arrival, remove the short wings, FuYouXiang weapons and 15.5 minutes, remove other also equipment 3.5 minutes. But these index has yet to meet all the can.

Active transport U.S. can will “Ronald koeman’s” sent to the front, will its loading and unloading for an average of 22 minutes. C-13 O can install 1 frame, C-141 outfit 3 frame, C-17 packed with 4 frame, C-5 held 8 frame.
Come on and give its turret and weapon bays reloading


Helicopter drop the bulge shape

Helicopter drop the bulge shape started pulling up in the 2 seconds time keep is 2.5 g, then in overload is no more than 1.5 seconds within the time to negative overload (helicopter drop the bulge shape, and keep 0.5 g about 2 seconds of time. So. The maneuver exposure time is very short.

In order to improve the operational survival force helicopter, the United States army stressed the need to double engine layout. Now the power unit of the 2 sets for Light helicopters vortex shaft Engine Company (LHTEC Light Turbine on specific search, rolls Royce Company and hannen will the Company’s joint enterprise) developed T800-LHT-800 type turboshaft engines, per the maximum power for 1149 kw.

Two engines basically work independently, when a engine combat damage, will not affect the other a work. As long as there is 1 engine work, the helicopter will guarantee return. Resistance to crash standards is: when to 12.8 m/s vertical speed dropped to the ground, the pilot seat can guarantee the safety of life, the probability of 95%.

In the fire, the helicopter does not do too high requirements, because it’s not attack helicopters, the main task is to reconnaissance and not directly destroy ground targets. Of course, there is a chance will play its role in the weapons, the task of a stealth requirements, its weapons hanging in the door on both sides of the inside of the turn. Before launch open the two doors, weapons and can be exposed in 3 seconds to implement the launch.

RAH-66 short wings that different combination carry 864 kg weapons load. Short wing hang external fuel tank, and if RAH-66 is 2355 km, flight across the Atlantic. Short wings can hang with 32 pieces 70 mm “Hydra” (Hydra, or eight MEDALS) the rockets “haier method” missiles, or similar bought missiles. RAH-a total of 66 internal and external rack can carry 14 on “haier method” missiles or similar missile.

RAH-66 will be installed (SIRFC)

RAH-66 will be installed ITT industrial company aviation electronic division of the 211 ALQ-AN/comprehensive rf device (SIRFC) against, in self-defence electronic counter. SIRFC has radar warning and interference function, can make the carrier aircraft from radar guided missile attacks. The system is open structure and modular design, suitable for equipment DuoZhong type of aircraft. Besides having sensor fusion, situation told, radar warning, electronic against function outside, still have based on the requirements of the combat mission electronic support measures ability.
The armed helicopter survivability includes two aspects, one is the combat force by the other party, such as the existence of weapons blow of loss ability, a training flight or use at ordinary times is the process of the “normal” ability. Crash

“Ronald koeman’s” helicopter operations force design standard is survival: tail rotor can withstand the 12.7 mm machine guns, and blow in the projectile was knocked out after a rotor can still flying 30 minutes. The structure can withstand 23 mm shells a direct hit from the damage. Another fight in the cockpit has the chemical and biological weapons capability.

The armed helicopter low mobility to improve survivability relationship. Big fight Low-level operations try to minimize exposure to each other’s fire, such as to be able to quickly time over a hill corsairs. “Ronald koeman’s” the most-positive overload is + 2.5 g, negative overload is 1.0 g, this makes it can speed the sprint with big when 6 seconds over a 100 m, the hill from ground level always stay is not more than 5 m.

Tactical information joint distribution system armed forces

In the past the United States of the sea and air communications and information transmission each have their own a set of guidelines, different from each other. “Ronald koeman’s first” helicopter solve the problem. The digital communication, information crosslinking equipment can be fully compatible with the army’s 188 220 standard, air force, navy, marines AFAPD standard of tactical communication standard of the development of the armed forces and the recent “tactical information joint distribution system” (JTIDS), so it reconnaissance to information can immediately sent to the armed forces, the armed forces. And it can at any time and E-3 air airborne warning aircraft, RC-135 spy plane, E-8 JSTARS surveillance radar system target to attack united, RC-12 electronic reconnaissance planes and satellite etc connected. This is the U.S. in modern warfare “system of the concept of” system to a specific example.

In January 2003, rockwell Collins RAH-66 companies have to deliver the first set of engineering manufacture development-oriented (EMD) aircraft components (keep) comprehensive display ARU helmet aiming system (HIDSS). The Kaiser electronic company (now of, rockwell Collins) to be responsible for the company’s plans for “Ronald koeman” design, development helmet that comprehensive aiming system. Helmet display driver shows to accurately weapons and flight characters, the driver can realize 24-hour all-weather fly up operation. This kind of helmet the display USES the light weight of the solid matrix liquid crystal display (light activities AMLCD) technology. The system USES two component structure design in the plane, keep component contains 35 ° x use 52 ° big view, double eyepiece double the objective optical system, high resolution (SXGA level-1280 x 1024 pixels), electromagnetic tracking sensors and its driving electronic components of the module. The plane reserve components stored in aircraft, and as a weapon and lightning part of the system. Optical systems are folding, can only use single eyepiece, single optical lens, or use double eyepieces, double the objective. The system drivers wearing component weight of 1770 grams, it still has an optional 40 degrees (low light) light TV module, weight of 2000 grams.

The electronic equipment is very modern, and have two extra mission computer and the degree of three sets of data bus:

Military aircraft, currently in use of 1553 B standard bus;
· high-speed fiber bus;
· a high-speed fiber bus.

Above three can more than each other, as long as normal, a set of data on equipment can be crosslinking work.

RAH-66 the two-seater columns type cockpit

RAH-66 the two-seater columns type a cockpit, slender body, weapons, LaJia can hide in the down, not only the helicopter head on the radar reflection area is reduced, and, if the distance is not nearly enough with the naked eye easy to find. The cockpit flat glass, can effectively reduce sunshine of diffuse. The whole machine the surface of the dark no reflective coatings, in order to decrease the intensity of the helicopter glance. These also benefit to visual stealth. RAH-66 using five pieces of helicopter rotor blades and reduce visual exploration related but. Because of the rotor rotates ShiLiangDu and flashing frequency on which moves and OARS wealth on passing rate. If the stable source half the time is keep out, gleaming in the frequency of 9.5 hz, the actual display of ShiLiangDu is stability of light source 2 times. 9.5 hz about two pieces of blade flashing frequency. This, the higher the frequency, the lower the ShiLiangDu. Every piece of blade frequency of 36 Hertz, flashing ShiLiangDu will be reduced by 50%. The rotor for five pieces of propeller helicopter was when on the possibility of visual detected than 2 slices of helicopter blades can reduce 85%. This phenomenon is called brooke effect, the experiment also confirmed this.

See with the naked eye in the helicopter, through the sound of helicopters before can also detection and identification helicopters. Therefore, RAH-66 adopted the following the reduction of effective measures of voice. The rotor prize pointed septbac, can make the sound pressure to reduce noise 2 to 3 db, such five pieces of the rotor blades of noise and 2 slices of rotor blades of the noise is difficult to distinguish. By the way, because contain the tail rotor eliminated the rotor and tail rotor wake the interaction between the, also can reduce the noise. RAH-66 tail beam two of long and narrow gap down exhaust mouth, not only can reduce engine exhaust of the infrared radiation to ask for, and still can eliminate the noise of the engine exhaust. RAH-66 reduce the noise of another kind of method is, blade foliage and bending degree from root to paddle blade tip yes, this can make forward blades for the high speed to leap blades pointed not stall, such, helicopter flying in the low speed (167 km/h) and can reduce the rotor speed, this is in addition to the low noise rotor.

In optical visual reconnaissance capability, the pilot and helmet with available starting, aimed at infrared light night-vision goggles or will images to a helmet on night-vision goggles. The night-vision glasses can be up to the airport Angle to 35 degrees 52 degrees. And the “only” apachean 30 degrees to 40 degrees. With the wavelength of the GuanChaYi use infrared for 8 to 12 microns, the night of 8-10 kilometres in tank is completely possible found.

RAH-66 helicopters also can add radar jamming machine

RAH-66 helicopters also can add radar jamming machine, it can confuse the surveillance radar. Its principle of work is, it can the radar pulse signal into the incident, and measure the helicopter in the condition of the reflection data, and emits false echo, in order to make the surveillance radar failure purpose. RAH-66 radar reflective signal low, low power interference can use machine, reducing the weight of the jammer, and cost. Don’t like AH-64 that require a higher power, the interference of machine. See not hard, stealth technology is to make the radar system failure, make its unable to detect the technology. Aircraft In fact, the stealth technology have four, except to radar detection stealth outside, and infrared detection, acoustics detection and visual stealth.

Can say, RAH-66 is one of the most “cold” of the helicopter, it is the infrared suppression technique to the first of the integrated use of helicopters. Infrared suppressor installed in the end, its unique beam strip vent design, there is enough to make the engine song length hot exhaust and cooling air completely and effectively mix. Cooling air through the end of the second beam above inlet inhaled, and engine hot exhaust, and then by the end, mixed beam two aperture of the sanqu down, again by the wind, XianLiu rotor to exhaust temperature significantly, in order to protect the helicopter does not look for of missile attacks heated.

“Ronald koeman’s” carries out duties, the main application passive reconnaissance means, such as thermal camera or TV, TV, etc.; light Of course can also use long conical mast-heads MMW radar (AH-64 D of is disc shaped). According to Boeing announced that the goal of the effective distance to observe a scout helicopter in active service twice. The most outstanding is reconnaissance mission is to use computer aided plan, and can be found on the equipment as soon as possible the goal of data stored with the original data information data were compared, the true and found new target new dynamic, will eventually concluded that the target data and battlefield in the cockpit displayed on the screen, and according to the instructions “real time” is the transfer to the ground forces commander about. The past with optical surveillance plane, from the battlefield target to command found next attack power attack almost needs 1 to 2 hours, now as long as 10 minutes. If at that time for attack planes, battlefield can immediately order the plane attack. RAH-66 cockpit

RAH-66 large display, thermal imaging image is very clear.

The “battlefield” can send video immediately air have corresponding other armed helicopter receiving equipment, such as “apachean”. So in the future on the battlefield of army considered “response” time will be minutes slow will mean “calculation, beating”. The army plans at a predetermined thousands of frame “Ronald koeman’s helicopter,” in about 430 an installation designated new radar, the function is similar to “the long bow,” the “long apachean bow”, but the diameter of radar antenna only 56 O mm, and the shape of the antenna mask like mushrooms, in order to decrease the radar reflection section.

RAH-66 helicopters also widely used the composite materials

To reduce the radar cross section area reflected, RAH-66 also widely used the composite material, its use of composite materials helicopter throughout the entire structure of the weight of 51%. And the American military helicopters UH-60 “black hawk” composite material used only 9%. RAH-66 of the world’s use of composite materials, the most practical helicopter in the body structure of the compound material to use pure have skinned, port, girders, the frame, the article keel box beam structure, turret fairing, han way tail rotor shield, vertical and horizontal stable surface. The rear wing The rotor system in use of composite materials have flexible beam, blades, torsion tube, torque arm, rotating loose the swashplate is, casing axis and the rotor fairing. Transmission systems use of composite materials have transmission shaft and the main reducer box. The composite materials have the toughening epoxy resin, bmi resin, graphite fiber, glass fiber and kevlar (r fibers, etc.

Advanced rotor bearing no good handling, pilots have obvious manipulation that feeling. Fighter jets 8 pieces of propeller YeHan way tail rotor, can make the RAH-66 for turning rapidly, making it in 3 to 4.5 seconds ago fly speed 90 degrees and 180 degrees turn. This is far better than the ordinary helicopter in aerial combat, easy to hold tight in the aircraft. The tail rotor blade YeZaiHan way, don’t have branches in turn to wait with OARS sound seam fragmentation pneumatic sound the obstacles before song turn, on ground when driving, not easy also dozen workers. High level of stability for surface down to fold, with the air transport helicopter. The composite material made the is among, for basin type keel, is the main beam of bearing structure. Efficiency, more than half of not bearing skinned can open and easy to maintain. Weapons, door can be used to maintain health role after platform. Head cover is hinged, can open to the left for easy access sensor and ammunition class ‘. The structure can withstand the 3.5 G overload, and can handle up to 762 mm and 12.7 mm and 23 mm diameter of the bullet or shells shot.

Two sets T800 turboshaft engines into the fuselage, engine digital music shoulder control device. Single machine power of 895 kw. The fuel tank has a capacity of 1018 liters. Fuel system, and the resistance to crash a inert gases occur, can prevent system helicopter crashed fuel on fire after.

RAH-66 project cancel the reasons and the future development of the armed helicopter technology

Past all kinds of helicopters also USES a stealth measures, such as AH-64 engine exhaust pipe adopt the nickname “black hole” of the infrared radiation suppression device.

And 66 is a whole RAH-the stealth design: the fuselage used similar F-117 stone sleek design, reduces the right corner reflectors, and USES the absorbing materials; Engine inlet with clever design, open a gap shape, the airway, avoid to illuminate a radar and turbofan produce large on the echo; The exhaust pipe of complex cooling, cover design, exhaust radiation dinky; The helicopter is rare in the United States the way design contain the tail rotor design, radar reflection fan echo less than traditional tail rotor.

RAH-66 helicopter radar cross section area reflected than the other any helicopters are small, only for their 1%. Such a good stealth performance is mainly it adopted the appearance of stealth, can be widely used for the composite and radar equipment CaiJu some interference. RAH-66 head photoelectric sensor to tower to take shape, have the edge Angle plane dissipate radar reflection wave function. The two and a half by the side face, this is a corner to avoid the cylinder and half the sphere that strongly to the radar scattering all evil. The tail beam two to set a circle “bracket”, can deflect off the radar wave reflection, can’t return to detect radar. The rear of the han way award to the left after tilt, tail award in the vertical rear wing to the right, the installation level on inclined surface stability. This structure will not in the metal surface to have 90 degree Angle formed between the strong, reflected the radar signal corner reflector. Ordinary helicopter inlet, the positive like corner reflector, that is a strong body, and reflected the radar RAH-66 helicopter two engines at the parcel in at the inlet, the suspension of the embedded above on both sides, and the inlet, not for radar wave rhombus forming strong reflex. The rotor blade hub and award the roots are the leaves, gently transition form of the fairing fusion body, also can reduce the radar wave reflection. Carefully choose when blade shape, not easily detected by radar.

RAH-66 reduce radar cross section area of the reflection another shape design measures, the missile is an and keep the LaJia type. RAH-66 can carry up to 14 missile, including six COINS hang into has whole hang beam can close the door, at ordinary times, door closed, opened at launch. An in helicopter missile cabin is used for the first time. 20 mm diameter “Justin gatlin” revolving barrel gun can form a larger radar reflection cross-sectional area, so it is designed to in the plane of the rotating 180 degrees, back and collect in the turret in fairing. Weapons or use of FuYouXiang hanging short wings removable, perform armed reconnaissance and other just a few weapons and carry high requirements of the task, stealth wealth tear down the short wings. SanDianShi after landing gear is put, can collect up the LaJia, door closed after keep out, can reduce the radar cross section area reflected.

RAH-66 “Ronald koeman strange

RAH-66 “Ronald koeman’s Kamanche), is” (for the Boeing company developed the next generation of attack helicopter, the original plan reconnaissance replace AH-1 combat helicopters and OH-56 reconnaissance helicopters, and partly replace AH-64 combat helicopters. At present the machine developed equipment plans have been cancelled.

In 1982, the United States army put forward LHX (experiment plan), the original light helicopters plan needs to 5000 a LHX to replace UH-1, AH-1, OH-58 and OH-six helicopters, 1990 plan to reduce to 1292 aircraft purchases. In June, 1988, the United States army LHX issued the tender, and Boeing, west coase base company the first competition of group and the bell, Douglas company composed of super group signed 23 months of the demonstration and validation of the contract. April 8, 1991, the United States army announced that Boeing, west coase base company group win the game, with the LHX prototype development stage. In early 1990, the United States army LHX code said experimental letter X remove become LH, in April, 1991, official Numbers for RAH-66. Among them, A reconnaissance R said said attack, H helicopter, and the north American indians name named “Ronald koeman’s Comanche” (). RAH is expected to 66 in August 1995, the first flight in 2001, it will be delivered for use of the U.S. army models, the main executive armed reconnaissance, anti-tank and air combat and task.

OH-58 D upgrade helicopters

In January 2011 the us army has made a start OH-58 D upgrade decision, this project worth $1.98 billion, is OH-58 D in 20 years of service first major technology upgrades. OH-58 D cockpit and sensor upgrades (CASUP) will put the army existing OH-58 D upgrade for OH-58 F configuration, the purpose ARH charge by 70 project cancelled the rest of the money to pay. In the completed the project, OH-58 platform will extend the service to 2025 years later, the service time from the first frame machine series count will more than 56 years. The project will replace the current use of DRS technologies co, loading rotor shaft sensor, the top of the pack a by Raytheon production load, general sensors installed in the machine position. The need to design of the body, including improving landing gear and the height of the cockpit front to design. But the army, likely also in April this year completed the OH-58 current generation plan after the analysis of the, again to choose OH-58 upgrade scheme. The study DuoZhong schemes are analyzed, including a for OH-58 outfit more strong engine power solutions.

In January 2011, the army’s future years without new military helicopter research plan, therefore the army leaders will sights avionics system upgrade and technology to its existing plug-in, the helicopter platform (including CH-47, OH-58, UH-72 A and so on), to ensure that it can meet the future 10 years of use demand. The hardware and software design of avionics the spot product, in order to improve the speed of investment deployment. The project will restart “and Mr Watts warriors” production, the army says they now has 331 frame OH-58, and need to purchase 368 airplanes, but since 1999 the purchase is 58-OH has stopped. UH-72 “le Dakota” is the use of RAH-66 after the money and save dismount budget. The machine is in the us division of the company to provide direct EC145 multitasking helicopter, used to replace has developed the aging UH-1 “huey” and OH-58 the A/C. This machine can carry through task package equipment (MEP offered to take DuoZhong task). The latest MEP offered security and support equipment is, the use of new business to spot the avionics system. The whole project process are the spot product commercial use, UH-72 project director Dave Bristol lieutenant colonel said: “we just purchasing a a spot helicopters and brush on green paint just.” This makes purchasing and deployment process has ramped up. UH-72 A quick deployment of liberated the 24 frame UH-60 hawk helicopter, make it can put other missions. OH-58 F retrofit project also adopted the development parts. OH-58 F the cockpit and sensor upgrades (CASUP) use the other models use on the components and systems to fast installation, modify, or provide avionics and sensor equipment.